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Author:Markus Neumann
Date:Sep 19, 2017
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Stefan Sauter

This package is the result of my master thesis at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Zurich.

It provides an interface in python to the concept of hierarchical matrices as described by [Hac15].

The main goal is to provide an easy to use yet performing alternative to existing implementations in C

https://readthedocs.org/projects/hierarchicalmatrices/badge/ https://travis-ci.org/maekke97/HierarchicalMatrices.svg?branch=master https://coveralls.io/repos/github/maekke97/HierarchicalMatrices/badge.svg?branch=master https://sonarqube.com/api/badges/gate?key=hierarchicalmatrices https://img.shields.io/pypi/v/HierMat.svg


The package is available on different platforms, so there are different ways to install:

  1. The easiest would be using pip:

    pip install [--user -U] HierMat
  2. Another way is to download the source package e.g. from GitHub and install from there:

    wget https://github.com/maekke97/HierarchicalMatrices/archive/master.zip
    unzip master.zip
    cd HierarchicalMatrices-master
    python setup.py install

Basic Usage

Best look at the examples section

from HierMat import *
model_1d(32, 2, 1)